If image and photography has always been a passion of yours then you have come to the right place. Russpix is about photographing various people and places. However for a little more information behind the idea of Russpiz take a look below.

The photographer lives in the town of Smethwick and has been a Jazz Musician photographer for over ten years. He began photographing David Murray when he played at the Bear in Smethwick and played with a local musician named Andy Hamilton. The inspiration from the images of that night leads him to go on to photograph Andy Hamilton and his guest that he performed with on a more regular basis. After a while of doing that he began to photography the artists who started to appear at The Drum in Birmingham. Ever since 1997 he has been photographing artists and musicians regularly at various gigs promoted by Birmingham Jazz. In October of 2002 with the help and support of Birmingham Jazz he helped an exhibition at The Midlands Art Centre located in Birmingham. Since then over the past few years his works have been published in The Wire, and Jazzwise Magazines, this in addition to many local publications . His photographs have appeared on 2 CD covers by Birmingham musicians as well as on many websites.

So if you like photography and have a passion for it then you are in the right place. Photography brings a sense of peacefulness to the viewer and gives you a feel of what it was like to be right there at the time of the picture. Photography is a form of art in real life that lets you showcase how beautiful life can be in an everyday setting.